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"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."- David Bowie

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Tbh I liked being so close just so I could watch Patrick sweat everywhere.

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Monumentour, I’ll admit I wasn’t stoked for. I was excited to see New Politics and FOB, but not so much Paramore. Paramore was really good and it changed the whole night and perspective for me, and every single act killed it and then some. Everyone was very nice in the crowd, no pushing or fighting, I actually made about 6 new friends in the crowd. I was happy with the crowd and the music.

In the middle of a song, the band stopped because a girl had a seizure in front of us at the barricade, and I honestly hope she’s okay, that was the scariest moment and you could see how worried the guys all were for the girl. It restored all of the faith I’ve had in this band, and in the people around me.

I seriously love these bands so much, and this concert was the ultimate concert for me. I wish I could see it a thousand more times and I wish I could see the friends I met and sang my heart out with again.